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Wyvern Probus: Report of the President's Day Out, Thursday, 19th October 2023


On a crisp and sunny President's Day morning, members of Wyvern Probus eagerly gathered on the platform of the Great Central Railway at Loughborough. We were all geared up for an exciting journey and lunch aboard the ‘Midlander’, a beautiful steam train that promised a trip back in time.


The train itself was a remarkable sight. Steam hissed, and the engine let out a nostalgic whistle as it prepared to depart, creating a sense of adventure and excitement. The carriages were a true throwback to an era of elegance and luxury and the dining car offered everyone a glimpse of a time when the world moved at a slower, more enchanting pace. The journey commenced, and Probus members enjoyed the picturesque countryside as the train meandered through Quorn, Rothley, culminating at Leicester North, pausing for lunch adjacent to the great expanse of Swithland Water.


As the train chugged along, the onboard uniformed dining staff provided impeccable service. Wine and soft drinks accompanied a two-course lunch with a choice of pork, salmon or beef pie, followed by cheesecake or hazelnut tart. Over coffee, members chatted about their shared experiences and recollections.


The train paused at the beautifully preserved Rothley station, built on the classic country station layout of the Great Central Railway, a testament to the dedication of volunteers and railway enthusiasts. Passengers were invited to alight briefly to explore the platform, tearoom and waiting room.


As the afternoon drew to a close, it had been a day of delightful memories, shared stories, and a deep appreciation for the history and charm of steam railways. Our President’s Day outing on the Great Central Railway's Midlander, organised by our President, Andrew Gill, was a truly memorable day to be cherished by all who participated.


Patrick Holligan


Wyvern Probus

2024 -2025 Date - Speaker - Title/Activity

27 Mar 2024          AGM

24 Apr 2024           Prof Marc Reichow  Volcanoes 

29 May 2024          Ian Clarke  Financial Scams and how to avoid them

26 June 2024          John Douglas   Lord Nuffield - the man and his motors

31 July 2024           S Jones  Macmillan Nurses

28 Aug 2024          Prof Aftab Khan  Reversals of the Earth Magnetic Field

25 Sept 2024         Brian Johnson  Resting in Peace, Welford Rd Cemetery

30 Oct 2024           Prof Martha Clokie  The enemy of my enemy is my friend :                                                Viruses to help with with our growing antimicrobial resistance                                         problem

27 Nov 2024          Sir James and Lady Nicola Perowne  Life as Governor of Windsor                                  Castle and memories of Her Late Majesty

21 Jan 2025           LPC Hosting : Prof Mark Lester  The Aurora

26 Feb 2025          Zoe  Knox  Modern Russian Economy

26 Mar 2025         AGM


BOB CLAYTON GOLF TOURNAMENT, Tuesday 15th August 2023

The Bob Clayton Golf Tournament was held at Rutland Water Golf Club on Tuesday 15th August on a beautiful summer’s day. Ten Wyvern Probus Club members, along with 10 guests, assembled to complete six teams of 3 or 4 golfers to compete in a Texas Scramble.

The course was in excellent condition aiding to competitive scores. The following prizes were awarded during the lunch after the competition:

Highest Gross Score: Richard Ward, Richard Martin and Ian Munro

Ladies’ Prize: Steph Jones, Geoff Phipps and Pauline Foster

Nearest the Pin: Mahmed Asra, Mike Jerman and Andrew Swann

Longest Drive: David Caines, David Mitchell, David Walker and David Johnson

Chris Wilks Trophy for lowest Nett score:

Runner-up: Geoff Hall, Paul Mitchell and Neil Fowler

Winner: Brian Marlow, Martin Waddington, Martin Wheelwright and Charles Stewart.

As well as the Chris Wilks Trophy, all prize winners were awarded prizes generously donated by Philip Parkinson.

Brian Marlow proposed a vote of thanks.

Charles Stewart



The Bob Clayton Golf Tournament, Tuesday 6th August 2022

The Bob Clayton Golf Tournament was held at Rutland Water Golf Course on Tuesday 16th August. The number of participants was sadly reduced due to the wives of both Brian Marlow and Martin Waddington being indisposed. We wished both Madeleine and Barbara speedy return to better health.


Three teams of 3 golfers took part in a Texas Scramble in warm and slightly overcast conditions. The course was noticeably parched.

The prize for Closest to the hole was won by Barry Davis and that for longest drive by Geoff Hall.


After adjustment of the final gross and net scores, the winner of The Chris Wilks Trophy was the team captained by David Mitchell including David Caines and David Johnstone.


Charles Stewart











Bob Clayton Golf Tournament, Tuesday, 16th August 2022

The competition

The Chris Wilks Trophy will be awarded to the team which wins the Texas Scramble, played over the Normanton 18 hole course, the rules of which are:

All team members drive, the captain chooses the most favourable ball and second shots follow from that point and so on until holed. Team members must have at least four drives chosen in the round. In order to speed up play teams may decide to take the ball of one member before the others have played if it is thought that that shot is unlikely to be bettered.



Each team records the average handicap of the three members and that is deducted from the gross score. The net score will be adjusted on the final reckoning by the adjudicator (who happens to be myself). All decisions made by the adjudicator are final and may not be disputed even if wrong!

The teams are as follows:


Tee off 10.15






Tee off 10.23






Tee off 10.31






Tee off 10.39









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